Greenhouse Club Progress!

Kristina is presenting this week’s lesson, covering soil and soil quality.


We worked on “Mud Shakes” that show the kids whether soil is suitable for planting: shake the jar for two minutes and study the way the contents settle! We also sorted cards and discussed what items we may find in soil and what items we should not.

IMG_1316cards IMG_1314mudshakes

The kids planted even more seeds and the greenhouse is filling up quickly. They have enjoyed planting new seeds and observing their earlier weeks’ work begin to sprout.

kids2 kids4

The kids love being able to see and track the growth of their plants!


Week 2 of the Edgewater Greenhouse Club

The Edgewater Elementary Greenhouse Club is off to a great start! Our second group of volunteers met with the Monday group for the first time this week. Between both groups, we have about 50 second and third graders participating in the program along with a waiting list for our next session.


The Thursday group has already planted their seeds and we have some plants beginning to sprout!


Students were also learning to examine soil samples and choose the best type for planting.

Both groups will be using journals to track their progress as well as take notes from gardening and nutrition lessons.


We look forward to tracking the students’ progress in coming weeks!


Greenhouse Program Kickoff

The new Greenhouse Club at Edgewater Elementary was officially underway on January 15, 2015. This program is an after school activity for Edgewater third graders. Volunteers spent the day preparing the greenhouse for the first group of students.


IMG_0958edit IMG_0960edit

So far we have 40 third graders enrolled in the program and 30 on a wait list! Thursday was spent on orientation. The kids were very excited to get started!


Mrs. Finnegan led introductions and fun introductory activities. We also decorated our garden journals!


Two groups of volunteers will be at Edgewater Elementary on Mondays and Thursdays for an hour each day. On behalf of all the volunteers, we look forward to working with this great group of kids and helping them learn about gardening and nutrition.