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Combating Hunger in Colorado

Nearly 1 in 4 households with children reported food hardship1 and more than 25% of working families in Colorado do not have enough food to meet their basic needs2.

Colorado has one of the fastest growing rates of childhood poverty in the nation. Between 2002 and 2010, the rate of child poverty increased 86% in the state.3 Children aged 0-5 are most at risk of living in homes without enough food.3

By transforming lawns into organic gardens, we can provide the produce to feed 120 Colorado families throughout the growing seasons. Using gardens as a classroom, participants learn sustainability, environmental awareness, healthy food practices, and how to combat obesity and other health issues associated with food hardships.


Problem 1- Food Scarcity

  • In many urban neighborhoods, it is all too convenient to buy fast food and soda but nearly impossible to find fresh fruits and vegetables. These areas with limited access to affordable, healthy food are predominantly composed of low-income communities.4
  • Convenience markets with sweet and salty snacks are frequently the main dietary source for residents of low-income, inner-city neighborhoods which leads to high obesity rates among these areas.4
  • Research has shown that the presence of grocery stores selling fresh fruits and vegetables in a community helps residents maintain a healthy lifestyle.4
  • Increasing access to nutritious food that is lower in fat and calories is a crucial interim step in helping poorer communities reduce their rate of chronic disease and improve the overall health of Coloradans.4

Our Solution

  • By gaining the support of local residents, we can provide the access to fresh produce by growing it in the neighborhoods that have a lack of accessibility and need healthy food most.
  • All of our food donated goes directly to the nearest local area in need from where it is grown.

Problem 2 – Food Insecurity

  • Studies show that there is more than enough food to provide the World with enough nutrition to live a healthy life.5
  • The cost of fresh produce and healthy food restricts families from being able to provide proper nutrition in their homes.4
  • Even when provided with fresh fruits and vegetables, many at risk and low income households do not know how to prepare their food.

Our Solution

  • By providing fresh produce to those in need through active local food banks, we can make sure that everything we grow goes to a good home.
  • Through food education classes, we are able to give opportunity to teach people techniques of how to prepare and cook food. The provision of easy to follow recipes for the produce we give will reduce the need for pre-packaged unhealthy food and provide equal nutritional opportunity for entire households.
  • Having gardening classes and providing resources to create their own gardens, low income households will be able to provide for themselves and start to be part of the independent sustainable process.

Lawns to Organic Jovial Gardens

While household lawns create a pleasant atmosphere and have become the standard practice, it is important to note the amount of water, pesticides, electricity, and physical exertion that is required to maintain them. By turning sections, or all, of a homeowner’s lawn into useable garden tracts we redirect the energy spent on upkeep into creating a valuable food source, an even more aesthetically pleasing yard, resource efficiency in our cities, and an opportunity to give nutrients naturally back to the earth.

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Though the homeowner gets to keep and enjoy a portion of the delicious organic produce that their garden yields, Jovial Organic Gardens are not your typical vegetable gardens for three simple reasons.

  • These gardens are not only tended to by a homeowner and their family, but are cared for by horticulture bound college students, volunteers, neighbors, and friends.
  • The community is empowered to help end hunger and provide better food to those in need. We donate at least 1/3 of the yield of each garden to food banks and elderly citizens. This means people who normally have little or no access to produce, will now be able to enjoy healthy organic foods with their family.
  • Peace begins in our backyards. By meeting our basic needs and supporting others in meeting theirs, we see a community consciousness arise. As we continue nourishing our communities from the ground up, we begin building our sustainable future.

Jovial Organic Gardens can be seen as a plant based representation of global peace. In any healthy garden one can observe countless different species working together to create a balanced system. Each species depends on the others for survival, for proper soil nutrients, for water, and freedom from parasites. As intelligent beings we can learn the best methods to nurture these beneficial relationships, pass this knowledge to others, and show the clear lesson that the healthiest gardens are the most balanced.

Organically Homegrown

Chemicals and pesticides treat symptoms of unhealthy gardens and do not address the core imbalance which can cause a weed or parasite invasion. Using best organic and permaculture practices our Jovial Organic Gardens will be grown, sourced, and serviced to ensure the highest quality of produce! The organic heirloom seeds used in Jovial Organic Gardens are donated to us by certified organic farms that guarantee some of the best naturally grown vegetation. All of our fertilizers are certified organic to ensure the safest and healthiest environment for our gardens and communities!


The garden is a beautiful classroom capable of teaching teamwork, sustainability, balance, appreciation, and the value of a little hard work.

There are several different ways that we can educate those who participate in our garden program:

  • We will have basic level classes available to homeowners as we introduce the garden to their lawn! Though the homeowner’s participation isn’t necessary we feel the success rate and health of our gardens is increased by having involved owners.
  • Homeowners will know the quality and exactly which produce is going to food banks and other meals on wheels type groups. They will understand exactly what goes into producing the quality of fruit and vegetables that we donate. This will also give them a greater understanding of labels on produce in stores and help them to make the best purchasing decisions for their family’s health.
  • More advanced courses will be available to our volunteers as well as for those who would like to dive further into the world of gardening through our expert sustainable gardening and ecosystem partners.
  • Homeowners are also welcome to invite friends, neighbors, and family members to be part of their Jovial Organic Gardens experience!

Jovial Organic Garden Options

Backyard Peace Garden – Free

We will have a pre-designed garden system that we will place in your yard. We will transform the areas used to lovely sustainable garden beds and effectively compost and return nutrients from the grass lawn naturally to the soil. The only cost that you will incur is periodic watering and the only required participation is following the watering schedule set by the master gardener. The cost should be the same as or less than the amount currently used for the lawn. Self watering systems may be available in some situations for more precise watering!

Abundance Garden – Call for Build Costs

For a larger garden that maximizes productivity we offer a more advanced lawn set-up. Modern gardening practices allow you to maximize the production of food gardens, not through additives or fertilizers, but through the design of the garden itself! Using concepts such as vertical gardening and low water use systems, we can maximize the use of land and resources for production significantly! This could be set-up if you have no lawn at all!! Contact Us to have our experts come out and asses what it will take to create an abundance garden at your home!

Serenity Garden – Call for a Design Consultation

This garden is an expansive ecosystem often including streams, fountains, rock designs, trees, fedges (edible hedges), edible flowering plants, and so much more. By combining the best permaculture practices, aesthetic designs, and gorgeous landscaping, your garden will become a living masterpiece. This peaceful and therapeutic space will make you wish you could spend all of your time outdoors. Every one of these gardens will be customized to meet your desires from color and shape to the fruit and vegetables we plant! PleaseContact Us so we can discuss what you would want done in the name of peace!
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