Jovial Futures Will Meet on Fridays!

20140528_145710We are excited to announce Jovial Futures will be meeting 2 extra days each month at Wheat Ridge 5-8!

We have noticed that the grades of several of our students have been dropping. We though maybe they didn’t understand the homework or weren’t doing it, but the real reason they are doing poorly is absolutely shocking! Our students are actually completing their homework on time, but they are not turning it in! One student showed me a paper that was months old crumpled in the bottom of a backpack! Almost all of our Futures students had at least one completed assignment that hadn’t been turned in and a whole laundry list of reasons for why they it didn’t make it to the teacher!

“I forgot”
“I didn’t know when it was due”
“My teacher’s email address is wrong”
“My Ipad is broken”
“I have to many other things to carry”
But overwhelmingly, “It doesn’t matter” “I don’t care” and
“I’m not motivated”

To address this issue we will be meeting twice a month to explore new organizational tactics! We are going to motivate our students by demonstrating how easy it is to get A’s and showing them the importance of good grades down the road. We will even be rewarding students who demonstrate their organizational skills as well as A’s, B’s, and C’s with raffle tickets for their own Ipad, Ipod, or Apple Headphones!!



Good Luck Futures students and we will see you next Wednesday where we will be announcing the decision for our 2014 community project!



What are your best tricks to staying organized?
Please share below!

Jovial Futures

The Colorado Gap

Colorado suffers from an unequal balance of trade in terms of its talent. While the Rocky Mountain state ranks near the top in the number of residents with a college degree, it comes in nearly last in number of students who complete college. Nearly half of its residents with college degrees are transplants from other states. For every 10 students that graduate high school in Colorado, just two will go on to finish college.
Did you know?

  • 1 in 4 high school students in Colorado won’t graduate on time
  • 15,000 high school students in Colorado drop out each year.
  • 42 of undergraduates in Colorado won’t finish in 4-6 years.
  • An average dropout will make $10k a year less than a high school graduate and $36k less each year than someone with a bachelor’s degree.
“[Communities] that invest in their young people reap the benefits through greater [economic] growth and social well-being for generations to come.” – Ban Ki Moon

How can Jovial Futures help?

Our program, set to launch in 2014, is aimed at supporting the futures of 100 children in Colorado.
Jovial Futures is applying 50 years of research from the Search Institute for adolescent development via the creation of a powerful network of educational youth camps, experiential education programs, mentorships, internships, service learning, and career placement.
By removing financial barriers, providing youth with more opportunities, and creating community support systems, our program will help close the gap that keeps Colorado from growing its own professional talent!

“Research shows that the more opportunities and experiences a child has, the more successful they will be”

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